Mexico is a land of contrasts. From the vibrant colors woven into the textiles to the stunning hues of its landscape. From mountain ranges that run right down to the ocean's edge to lush tropical jungles and high snow capped volcanoes.

Come cruise the rich and unspoiled territories of the Sea of Cortés and Baja California. Some refer to the over fifty uninhabited islands in this incredibly rich sea as "Mexico's Galapagos," for each island is different, with its own specialized plants and animals. Explore the aquamarine waters of this unspoiled area kayaking, sailing, cruising above water, snorkeling or scuba diving.

Marine life includes elephant seals, California sea lions, hundreds of fish species, dolphins, and whales. You'll see many kinds of seabirds, among them pelicans, blue-footed and brown boobies, and magnificent frigatebirds. The desert islands have a tremendous abundance of plant life, including arrays of enormous cacti, some of them in flower.

On land, explore the archaeological treasures, enjoy the art and culture of the Mexican people, or simply relax on the beautiful beaches, rest assured, one will take home memories and some of the magic of Mexico as well.